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LightBoxTV Rolls Out Total TV Solution to Simplify CTV

Published on
August 9, 2023

[London, 03/08/2023] - LightBoxTV, the leading CTV planning and analytics platform, announces the expansion of its offerings with the introduction of a full-service Total TV Solution. Built on its proprietary technology platform, this comprehensive solution allows clients to entrust LightBoxTV with their media budgets and take advantage of a comprehensive managed service for activating CTV campaigns on their behalf. As TV viewing shifts towards streaming platforms, advertisers are confronted with the task of efficiently reaching audiences amidst a fragmented landscape, including BVOD, AVOD, FAST, and YouTube channels. This complex CTV environment poses challenges for media buyers aiming to engage their target audiences. Leveraging its foundation as a technology platform designed to tackle these challenges, LightBoxTV stands as a pioneering force in the industry. This technology-centric approach forms the core of LightBoxTV's latest offering – a managed solution that integrates its proprietary planning software, data insights, and the expertise of its team to deliver precisely targeted campaigns. The Full-Service Total TV Solution offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Holistic Campaign Planning: LightBoxTV acts as a strategic partner, offering data-driven insights and audience targeting to create impactful CTV campaigns.
  2. Simplified Access to the Fragmented TV Landscape: LightBoxTV provides advertisers with a single point of access to manage campaigns seamlessly across diverse inventory sources, including BVOD, AVOD, FAST, and YouTube environments.
  3. Campaign Activation and Management: LightBoxTV handles the technical complexities of CTV campaign activation, ensuring seamless delivery across multiple platforms.
  4. Transparent Performance Reporting: LightBoxTV provides detailed and itemized insights into campaign performance, enabling advertisers to make data-driven decisions and optimize future campaigns.

The solution is launching with a range of curated audience packages, offering buyers turnkey options that align with various campaign goals. Alternatively, clients can work with LightBoxTV to craft a tailored strategy for a specific audience, ensuring their campaigns hit the mark precisely. "Our vision has always been to simplify the complexities of CTV advertising through innovative technology and data-driven insights," commented Mark Giblin, CEO at LightBoxTV. "With the launch of our Full-Service Total TV Solution, we are excited to offer advertisers a comprehensive and strategic approach to navigate the evolving TV landscape and deliver successful campaigns."

About LightBoxTV:
LightBoxTV is a leading provider of CTV advertising solutions, dedicated to delivering impactful TV advertising campaigns through the integration of cutting-edge technology and expert strategy. The core offering revolves around advanced TV planning and analytics, equipping advertisers with the essential tools to navigate and excel in the fragmented CTV market.


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