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We are lightboxtv

Who we are

At LightBoxTV, we are a team of technology enthusiasts passionate about the future of TV advertising. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, but we all share a love for innovation and a deep understanding of the TV advertising space. We believe in the power of technology to make complex processes simpler, and we are dedicated to empowering media buyers, agencies, and advertisers to succeed in the fast-paced world of TV advertising.

What we do

As a technology company, LightBoxTV is dedicated to revolutionising the TV advertising landscape. We understand the challenges faced by media buyers and advertisers in a fragmented ecosystem, which is why we have built a platform from the ground up to address these specific challenges. Our advanced tools and unified solution streamline TV advertising for media buyers, providing them with the efficiencies they need to succeed. Our goal is to simplify the complex landscape of TV advertising.

Meet our team

Olivia Rhye
Founder & CEO
Former co-founder of Opendoor. Early staff at Spotify and Clearbit.
Phoenix Baker
Engineering Manager
Lead engineering teams at Figma, Pitch, and Protocol Labs.
Lana Steiner
Product Manager
Former PM for Linear, Lambda School, and On Deck.
Portrait of a woman
Demi Wilkinson
Frontend Developer
Former frontend dev for Linear, Coinbase, and Postscript.
Candice Wu
Backend Developer
Lead backend dev at Clearbit. Former Clearbit and Loom.
Portrait of a woman
Natali Craig
Product Designer
Founding design team at Figma. Former Pleo, Stripe, and Tile.
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Drew Cano
UX Researcher
Lead user research for Slack. Contractor for Netflix and Udacity.
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Orlando Diggs
Customer Success
Lead CX at Wealthsimple. Former PagerDuty and Sqreen.

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