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LightBoxTV & Captify Integrate to Bring Search Intelligence to CTV Media Planning and Buying

Published on
November 30, 2023

London, November 30th, 2023: LightBoxTV, a pioneering Connected TV (CTV) planning tool, today announced its latest integration with Captify, the leading Search Intelligence Platform for the open web, to enable media buyers to more effectively plan and manage CTV campaigns within the increasingly fragmented ecosystem.

With access to Captify’s extensive Search Intelligence early in the planning stage, media buyers using LightBoxTV, the platform renowned for unifying and advancing CTV, will be able to build more impactful, comprehensive CTV campaign plans and better optimise for existing campaigns.  

Mark Giblin, CEO of LightBoxTV remarked, "The integration of Captify into our platform marks a significant milestone in our mission to offer top-tier tools for CTV campaign management. Access to Captify's advanced insights at the planning phase enables our clients to make more informed, strategic media decisions."

This partnership not only brings a deeper understanding of audience behaviours and preferences to advertisers, but also aligns with LightBoxTV's recent launch of its Partner Ecosystem. This new initiative is designed to streamline the media planning process, making it more efficient for planners and buyers to apply innovative data insights to their CTV strategies, and paves the way for a more cohesive and impactful advertising strategy across diverse platforms. Captify, as an early partner in this ecosystem, was selected for their proven pedigree in providing valuable Search Intelligence.

"The introduction of our Partner Ecosystem, with Captify as a key early partner, reflects our commitment to simplifying the integration of cutting-edge data into CTV advertising strategies," added Giblin. "This ecosystem brings the latest advancements directly to our users, enriching their planning and execution processes."

With these enhancements, LightBoxTV continues to bridge the gap between digital precision and the expansive reach of TV advertising. The platform's ability to target audiences based on specific search behaviours, interests, and intent is more powerful than ever, meeting the industry's growing demand for a more integrated approach to digital and TV advertising.

Rishi Chande, VP of Global Commercial Strategy at Captify stated, "With the largest collection of search data outside the walled gardens, Captify’s data enables advertisers to identify and target consumers based on their real interests and intent, helping to fill the gaps and enable better CTV outcomes. As one of the first partners in LightBoxTV’s initiative, the value of our data is clear and we look forward to helping advertisers better execute on CTV buys as ad-supported streaming continues to scale."


About LightBoxTV

LightBoxTV is a leading provider of CTV advertising solutions, dedicated to delivering impactful TV advertising campaigns through the integration of cutting-edge technology and expert strategy. The core offering revolves around advanced TV planning and analytics, equipping advertisers with the essential tools to navigate and excel in the fragmented CTV market.

About Captify

Captify is the leading Search Intelligence Platform for the open web and the largest independent holder of onsite search data outside of the walled gardens, connecting the real-time searches from over 2 billion devices globally. Its Search Intelligence technology powers omnichannel programmatic advertising and real-time insights for the world’s biggest brands, such as Disney, Unilever, eBay, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Nestlé, GSK, Uber, Mars, P&G, Sony, and Toyota—without reliance on third-party cookies. Captify brings brands more customers, publishers greater yield, and consumers the most relevant digital experiences.


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