LightBox CEO on the opportunities within TV advertising

Published on
May 5, 2021
Mark Giblin, CEO of LightBox TV, joined a panel of industry experts at an event hosted by TV ad management company Peach

Find out how Peach is unbreaking advertising. On the 5th May 2021 at 9am BST, Peach are holding a special event to launch an exciting new ad workflow product that will unbreak advertising.

Jon Watts (co-founder of MTM and Executive Director at The Project X Institute) will talk through the biggest problems in adland as he sees it, and host a discussion with expert special guests, including:

Gemma Fergie, Founder, Clockwork

Guy Chauvel, Founder and CEO, What’s Next Partners

Mark Giblin, CEO, Lightbox

Mathieu Brisset, VP EMEA, Peach

Watxh the discussion over on the Peach Blog here


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