Knowing Your CTV Inventory Partners

Published on
July 18, 2023

Connected TV (CTV) advertising presents a wealth of opportunities to reach engaged audiences. However, the fragmented nature of the CTV landscape, including supply paths, data capabilities, business models, and product offerings, can lead to missed opportunities and ineffective media buying. In this blog post, we shed light on the importance of knowing your inventory partners in CTV advertising, the potential pitfalls of overlooking this aspect, and how industry solutions like LightBoxTV can help navigate these challenges.

The Impact of Fragmentation:

CTV advertising encompasses a diverse ecosystem with multiple supply paths and offerings. Failure to have a solid grasp of this fragmentation can result in wasted opportunities. For instance, targeting campaigns based on show-level data may prove ineffective if only a small percentage of inventory passes data. Similarly, relying on a single platform may limit targeting options if the inventory owner restricts the usage of their first-party data outside their ecosystem.

The Value of Direct Relationships:

Establishing direct relationships with inventory partners is crucial in CTV advertising. These partnerships offer several benefits, including access to better rates, transparency in planning, and fully itemised reporting. By forging these connections, media buyers can ensure they have access to the best targeting and measurement solutions available, enhancing campaign performance and effectiveness.

Unlocking Capabilities and Offerings:

Direct relationships allow media buyers to gain insights into the capabilities and offerings of their inventory partners. For example, an inventory partner may own a rich first-party data set that is perfect for a campaign, but it can only be utilised by accessing it directly from them. By developing direct relationships, media buyers can tap into these valuable resources and maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns. Don't let the difficulties in managing this in an evolving landscape keep you from getting the best outcome from your campaign.

Streamlining Complexity with New Technology:

Reaching new streaming-first audiences may seem complex, but it is a necessary step in modern advertising. New technologies, such as LightBox, have been developed to put control back into the hands of media buyers and allow them to leverage the full range of capabilities offered by inventory partners in their media planning. LightBoxTV, for instance, empowers media buyers with advanced tools and industry expertise to navigate the complex CTV ecosystem confidently, ensuring optimal campaign performance and effectiveness.


Knowing your inventory partners is a critical consideration in CTV advertising. The fragmented nature of the CTV landscape demands a solid understanding of supply paths, data capabilities, and business models. By establishing direct relationships with inventory partners, media buyers can unlock numerous benefits, including better rates, transparency, and access to advanced targeting and measurement solutions.

Direct relationships enable media buyers to tap into the unique capabilities and offerings of their inventory partners, such as valuable first-party data sets. Additionally, industry solutions like LightBoxTV simplify the process by providing new technologies that streamline the complexities of CTV advertising, allowing media buyers to reach new streaming-first audiences effectively.

Don't miss out on the opportunities available in CTV advertising. Embrace the power of knowing your inventory partners and leverage industry solutions to maximise the success of your campaigns.

Reach out to us today to discover how LightBoxTV can revolutionise your approach to CTV advertising.


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