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Exploring the Future of TV: Key Discussions at Cannes

Published on
June 19, 2023

As the Cannes Lions Festival unfolds, industry leaders from around the globe gather in Cannes to engage in fruitful discussions about the latest trends impacting their businesses and form relationships that will propel them forward. This grand event offers a unique opportunity to gain a bird's-eye view, stepping away from the day-to-day operations to address the significant challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. In this blog post, we will delve into some of the anticipated discussions surrounding advanced TV during Cannes Lions Festival, according to the insights provided by LightBoxTV.

  1. Measurement
    Undoubtedly, one of the most prominent topics in the TV landscape is measurement. With new players continuously entering the space and novel methodologies being tested, the quest for unified measurement across the fragmented ecosystem remains a primary goal. Cannes Lions Festival will serve as a platform for discussing the necessary cooperation required to achieve this elusive Holy Grail.
  2. Attention
    The proliferation of attention measurement is a positive development for the TV industry, considering TV's exceptional ability to captivate audiences compared to other mediums. Thus, the focus will be on incorporating attention measurement into TV plans. Expect passionate discussions around this topic, exploring ways to maximise attention and leverage its impact.
  3. SPO (Supply Path Optimisation)
    Originally introduced as a solution to combat duplicative and inefficient open RTB (Real-Time Bidding) chains, SPO has evolved beyond programmatic advertising. Savvy TV buyers now explore how to optimise their entire media plan, considering recent advancements in carbon scoring and the need for environmentally friendly activation routes. Decisions on activation and planning will involve careful consideration of SPO practices.
  4. Reaching Your Audience
    With streaming and Connected TV increasingly dominating upfronts and agency media spend, understanding the best ways to utilise the targeting capabilities of this advanced form of TV remains a hot topic. Discussions will revolve around using location as a proxy and comprehending the adoption of Universal IDs to locate audiences across numerous walled gardens. Expect panels and meetings throughout the week to explore these issues in depth.

  5. Privacy
    Privacy concerns have taken centre stage across the industry, but the TV sector has lagged behind in adopting industry initiatives like the consent string provided by the IABs TCF (Transparency Consent Framework) via CMPs (Consent Management Platforms). As the Google third-party cookie saga appears to near its conclusion (for now), privacy considerations are back in the spotlight. Expect thought-provoking discussions on how to ensure privacy in TV advertising.

Honourable Mention:

  • Open RTB spec update
    While more niche and likely to be discussed in late-night bars after a glass or two of rosé, the Open RTB specification has recently launched with new fields designed specifically for connected TV advertising opportunities. Key conversations will revolve around how these fields can support media planning and how to achieve critical mass adoption.

Cannes Lions Festival offers a remarkable gathering of industry professionals, providing a platform to delve into the future of TV advertising. From measurement challenges to attention optimization, supply path optimization, and audience targeting, these discussions will shape the direction of the industry. If you're interested in exploring these topics further, make sure to connect with the LightBoxTV team, who will be present throughout the festival.


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